2024 Season Information

A Big Welcome Back To Everyone For The 2024 Season!

  • ​​​​​All team registrations close on - Tuesday 9th April​​​​​​​
  • Wednesday 3rd April 6:30-7:30 – Club and School Information Evening – Save this date in the calendar.  More information to follow in the new year.
  • New rules information Sessions – Workshops will be held pre-season, look out for more information in the new year.
  • Collegiate Grade 4 – This grade will be moved indoors for the 2024 season – please read attached season format information for more details.
  • Double Header Round – All senior and Collegiate 1-4 teams will have a double header weekend. There will be games on the Saturday and Sunday (22nd and 23rd June) – this is to avoid playing Matariki weekend.
  • Game Day Scoring APP – All teams will use this for 2024. The only exception is the Year 5-6 futureFERN teams who will continue to use a physical scorecard.
  • Club/School Duty Days – For all Clubs and Secondary Schools there will be ONE Duty day (On a Saturday) for the 2024 season – Same as in 2023.  A roster will be sent out to everyone by the end of March (at the latest)   
  • Named Umpire – This will be done in round 2 (as it was in 2023).  All senior and collegiate 1-4 teams will be required to do this. Training and support will be provided by NNC. Keep an eye out for more information in the pre-season.
  • Collegiate Grades 5-10 - will have 2 rounds – the same as 2023.
  • Warm Up and cool down time is here to stay!– We heard you loud and clear and will continue with this amazing initiative for 2024 Season and beyond.
  • Geraldine Hodgson Pre-season Festival Day – Saturday 6th April – save the date. 
  • Premier Grade Round 1 – This will be the Fast7 round. This round will be closed and there will be no promotion relegation at the end of this round.  
  • Promotion Relegation of Senior 1 to Premier – There will be only one promotion relegation game for this at the end of round 2. 
  • Premier Grade Challenge for 6th Spot – As with previous seasons there will be the opportunity for teams who finished the 2023 season in the Senior 1 grade to challenge for the 6th Spot in Premier prior to round 1 commencing in 2023. Just to clarify – the team in 6th Spot for Premier is Prices Waimea Pango. The teams eligible for this challenge are as follows: 
  • Prices Waimea (Koura)
  • Marist (NPS)
  • Waimea College (Senior A)
  • Jacks (Jacks black)
  • Nayland College (Senior A) 
  • ​​​​​​​Stoke (NBS)

If there is more than one challenger, a round robin between those teams will take place to determine who challenges for the 6th spot. More information will be sent to those clubs/schools in the new year.