School Competitions

School Competitions

Nelson Netball Centre offer our Tip Top Bakery futureFERN programme which consists of Years 1 - 8 or our Jennian Homes Collegiate Competition Years 9 - 13. 

Our woolworths futureFERNS programme consists of Years 1-8. Our local Primary and Intermediate schools have a pathway from converting fundamental movements to basic Netball skills. Years 1-2 have a focus on exploring Netball through movements such as pass, catch, and shoot. Years 3-4 are learning the basics of Netball with modified equipment and less players on the court. Years 5-6 play a 6v6 aside game to provide equal opportunities, with Years 7-8 converting to playing 7-a-side.

To find out more about this programme, click on the woolworths futureFERNS Years 1-8 above.

Our Jennian Homes Collegiate Competition consists of our local secondary schools from Collingwood through to Rai Valley. All collegiate grades are played on a Saturday, with grades 1-3 inside Saxton Stadium, and grades 4-10 who play outside at the Saxton courts. Our collegiate 1 grade also has a pathway into our senior club competition. In 2022, NNC were excited to introduce our first all-boys collegiate team from Garin College. We look forward to growing this space in the future. 

To find out more about this school competition, click on the Jennian Homes Collegiate Competition above.