Umpires and Technical Officials

Technical Officials - JOIN US!

Technical Officials and Statisticians have an important role to play in our game. They are responsible for the accurate recording of the score, player statistics and the timing of the game.

In Nelson our Technical Officials provide a bench for our NBS Premier Competition, which is played on Thursday evenings at 6:15pm or 7:45pm. 

Do you have good concentration, attention to detail, an ability to work under pressure and love working as part of a team?

If you answered yes – why not become a technical official or statistician!

What Do Technical Officials Do?

Scorer 1 - Completes the Domestic scoresheet

Scorer 2 - Completes the Running scoresheet and calls for Scorer 1

Time Keeper 1 - Activates umpire alerts, times intervals and injury breaks

Time Keeper 2 - Controls electronic scoreboard, holds up injury time paddles and records injury time breaks

Bench Manager - Oversees the entire Bench.  Links with Event Officials and umpires

Sub Writers - Record team subs and hands them in to the Bench Referee after intervals and injury breaks​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you would like to join our team, please contact Megan for more information. 

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For all umpire queries, please contact Megan for more information. 

Online Module

NNZ has a Learning to Umpire Module for New Umpires and Player Umpires which replaces the NNZ Centre Theory test. This module is the first step towards the Centre Umpire Award or a pre-requisitie for  NNC's Premier, Senior and College 1-3 teams' Player Umpires. The moduel helps New and Player Umpires understand some of the rules of netball as well as some practical techniques to enhance their umpiring. Player Umpires will need to send a copy of their certificate to their clubs secretary​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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