Named Umpire Programme

All Senior club and College teams (grades 1, 2, 3 & 4) are required to provide one NAMED umpire for every team. The NAMED umpire will be allocated each week during round 2. 

Consistency of umpiring practice and umpiring coaching will help build confidence and capability. NNC will be delivering three workshops in May, we encourage all NAMED umpires to attend one of these. Please ensure you know which workshop dates your Named Umpires can attend. 

Named Umpire Form: Due Monday 20th  May - School and Club administrators to fill in ONE form for ALL named umpires!

Workshop Dates: 

Venue:  Sport Tasman Board Room

Wednesday 22nd  May 6:30pm-8pm

Wednesday 29th May 6:30pm-8pm

Wednesday 5th June  6:30pm-8pm