Terms of Reference


Previously, Nelson Netball Centre (NNC) utilised several sub-committees to advise and assist with the delivery and development of netball within the Centre.  Accordingly, NNC sincerely thanks these people for their past contributions. 

With increasing demands on Volunteers and to reflect a more contemporary and inclusive approach, 3 Advisory Groups are being established to replace the sub-committees.  By the nature of the name change from sub-committees, the focus of the groups will be advisory rather than operational.  The integration of previous Game Officials, Competitions and Game Development is deliberate and intended to enhance the connections and collaboration between different sectors of the NNC.

The Advisory Groups’ formation aims to meet the challenges of the dynamic and changing sporting landscape especially with the uncertainty of COVID. The establishment of the Advisory Groups is intended to ensure an aligned approach to the effective delivery of netball and will include representation from most sectors of the game.  The key roles and responsibilities outlined below in this document, provides an overview for each of the Advisory Groups.

Role and Purpose

The role of Advisory Groups is to provide advice, information, and best practice insight of netball and sport in general.  They will work with the Nelson Netball Centre Manager (NNCM), NNC Board and NNC staff to advise on the quality delivery, development, and continuity of programs and activities at all levels of the game.

The Advisory Groups will play a cooperative active role in working towards the best outcomes for NNC.  In doing so they will not be required to perform any operational functions or assume any management responsibilities. The Advisory Groups will be involved for approximately 12 months with the possible roll over for an additional 12 months.  Ongoing input from the Advisory Groups may be sought after this time.

All Advisory Groups report to NNCM and / or Board Chair in all situations.

Advisory Groups Composition

The Kaitiaki Group members will be co-opted directly by the NNC Board, through the Chair and will comprise of three (3) members.

Expressions of interest (EOI) will be sort for the other 2 Advisory Groups and will comprise of up to six (6) members on each group, all of whom will be approved by the Board.   

After approval from the Board, NNCM will have the right to co-opt other members to these Groups from time to time for the purpose of achieving specific objectives/projects.

NNC staff and Board will be represented on the following Advisory Groups:

  • Kaitiaki – NNC Board Chair, NNCM
  • Game Development – NNCM
  • Youth – NNC Junior Development Co-ordinator

Terms of Appointment 

Membership on an Advisory Group is based on one or more of the following:

  • A demonstrated capacity and desire to work with others to identify solutions
  • Relevance of their current positions within Nelson Netball
  • Netball or sport knowledge and experience
  • Proven ability to share ideas and think creatively
  • A balance of perspectives and an understanding of Nelson Netball

Governing Principles

The Advisory Groups members agree to:

  • Act in the best interests of NNC
  • Uphold the values and mana of NNC
  • To speak with one voice outside of the groups
  • Delegate the implementation of all operational and management functions to the designated NNC staff

When accepting a position on an Advisory Group, members agree to attend meetings (Zoom or similar for those unable to attend in person), review all materials and documentation supplied and to play an active role in working towards achieving required outcomes.  Members may only be on one Advisory Group at any one time.

The NNCM, has the right to replace members who are unable to fulfil their role or obligations or appoint additional members as required to manage desired outcomes.


Membership to the Advisory Groups may be terminated by written notification from the NNCM for actions including, but not limited to:

  • Failure to meet the terms of appointment
  • Inappropriate conduct
  • Breach of confidentiality

Advisory Groups – overview of key responsibilities

  1. Kaitiaki:  Personnel who have significantly contributed and recognized for their contribution to NNC over many years across 1 or more sectors of the game.  This group will bring netball experience and wisdom to help ensure that NNC thrives.
  • Act as "guardians of the Game" without prejudice or personal biases
  • Able to convey advice from their experience to ensure NNC continues to thrive and grow
  • Able to listen and communicate effectively at several different levels and methods
  • Is objective and fosters and exhibits a strong team spirit, as a NNC Kaitiaki member
  • Assist NNC with awards and recognition for members

  1. Game Development: Personnel will have relevant skill sets or expertise across 1 or more of the following areas – playing/officiating/coaching/administration.  This group will consider both short and long term plans and strategies for growing participation.  Diversity in the group will be an important consideration.
  • Provide advice and guidance on NNC’s rep and competition programs, fixtures and formats
  • Assist with the draw and allocation of officials to competitions, programs and tournaments
  • Advise on current trends and best practice in development of players, coaches and officials

  1. Youth: Personnel aged from 13-18 years to provide the youth voice to the NNC Board and staff. Representing the largest playing numbers in netball, their ideas and advice will help inform NNC planning and direction especially in attracting and retaining the youth in netball. Diversity in the group will be an important consideration. Members will be approachable, effective communicators and show initiative.
  • Provide and gather feedback on NNC key initiatives
  • Relay and provide information to their networks (friends, family and peers)
  • Bring youth issues and opportunities to the group

Timeline for EOI for Advisory Groups and meetings




Terms of Reference circulated for EOI


EOI closes


Confirmation of Advisory Groups membership

Week after Easter

1st meeting at Sport Tasman Board room

Future meetings will be determined at the 1st meeting

Contact Person

In the first instance, people should contact: NNCM - Leigh Gibbs

Email: leighgibbs@nelsonnetball.co.nz



Section A: To be completed by the individual:

Advisory Group this EOI is for: (Circle appropriate group)   GAME DEVELOPMENT                   YOUTH




(home)                                      (work)                                           (cell)

Email: (home)

Email: (work)

1.     Please state here the reasons for your EOI:

2.     What areas of expertise could you bring to this group for Nelson Netball? (please be specific)

3.     Identify what area/s you have been involved in netball: (please circle or highlight the appropriate area/s)

Club               School                       Centre                         Zone                              National                       International

4.     What role(s) have you been involved in at indicated level:

         Coach             Player               Umpire             Team Manager            Volunteer             Administrator        

         Other (please specify):

  1. Do you consent to Nelson Netball Centre contacting your current Club/ School (if applicable)?

                Yes  /  No          

  1. If you are not currently affiliated to a club/school, please supply contact name and details of one person who can be contacted to support this EOI:

Name:                                                                            Relationship:


By signing this document, I declare that I have not mis-represented my abilities, my qualifications and/or experience and I agree that should it be proven that I have incorrectly stated any information that my appointment to any committee position would be nullified immediately. I agree that any member of the Board of Nelson Netball may only use this information in conjunction with the application for this position and that all such information is bound by the Privacy Act.

EOI Signature:________________________________Date: ________________

                    Section B: To be completed by the Member Club/School:       

                The EOI of _______________________________________ to this Nelson Netball Centre Game Development Advisory Group is endorsed by ____________________________Club/School which is duly affiliated to the Nelson Netball Centre for the current season.


Signed   Signed on behalf of the above Club/School by _________________________________________in capacity of President/Secretary/Treasurer/Committee Member/other (please specify) __________________________


                Signature:           _______________________       Date:____________________________

Contact Phone Number: ___________________

Contact Email: _______________________________


This form is to be completed and returned with any supporting documentation to:

Leigh Gibbs, Nelson Netball Centre Manager, PO Box 2119, Stoke, Nelson, 7041

or emailed to leighgibbs@nelsonnetball.co.nz

NO LATER THAN 5PM, Sunday 21 March 2021

These are the current volunteer roles at Nelson Netball.

If you require further information or a job description about one of these roles please contact Ani on (03) 547 4450, or email admin@nelsonnetball.co.nz

Court Managers

Player Development Coaches

Holiday Programme Coaches

Future Fern Helpers

Representative Selectors

Saturday Office Helpers

Draw Stewards – Premier, Senior, College, Junior

Future Fern Umpire Coaches

Development and College Squad Umpire Coaches

Whistler Coaches (Adult)

Bench Officials

Theory Teachers

Games Official Committee

Game Development Committee