NNZ Community Coach Award Level 1 & Level 2 (CCA 1 & CCA 2)

Community coaches are a diverse group. They support a wider range of participants who come from the ‘participate’ playing community and players who continue in organised sport through both secondary school and club Netball. Typically, coaches are secondary school teachers, ex-players, parents, older secondary school students and tertiary students.

CCA1 caters for the entry level development coach. The framework will provide coaches with the necessary skills to provide quality coaching up to and including U15 age group.

CCA 2 caters for the coach who wishes to gain more in-depth knowledge to support their coaching at the CCA 1 level. Attaining CCA Level 2 is also one of the pre-requisites for the Performance Coach Qualification (PCQ). There are also formal observations of coaching practice required at this level.

Foundation Coach Award

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Performance Coach Award

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